PDT Tuners

Our new barrel tuners… PDT stands for particle dampening technology. We applied published scientific research on particle dampening technology to our new patented barrel tuner.

The advantages are a wider tune window and less ammo sensitivity due to more efficient control of barrel harmonics…in a tuner design that looks great. This is the next step in the evolution of tuner design and is significantly better than tuning with solid mass alone, as is the case with most other tuner designs currently available.

PDT tuners work equally well on both centerfire and rimfire rifles, and can use your PRX length in most cases! The centerfire tuners are designed to thread onto the barrel. The rimfire version clamps on like a Harrell’s and can be bored to your barrel diameter, and as mentioned, cut to your nearest PRX, if desired.

Call us today to find out more about what is the best tuner on the market. PDT tuners come with both installation instructions, as well as simple instructions on how to tune your rifle quickly and easily with it.

Now available to fit factory Anschutz heavy barrels, too!!

PDT Tuners are now being exported to many places around the world by Killough Shooting Sports Contact them if you need it to be exported outside the US.

Our Particle Dampening Technology Tuner

Pictured below is a rimfire version with the inner tube cut for the Purdy Prescription(PRX) using the 7th harmonic on a 23.750 barrel.

5-8-2014 015
Our Particle Dampening Technology Tuner coming off of the Haas
In perfect tune!
Five shot group at 100 yards
Effective 5/19/2014
Centerfire tuners are $135. Rimfire tuners are $190

Installation service is available on centerfire tuners for $75

We have plans of making a PDT tuner that will be practical for 10-1/2 lb Light Varmint class rifles…soon!